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Web directions code 2012 review & slides

25 May 2012

I was at Web Directions Code 2012 the last two days and it was an absolute blast.

Web Directions have pretty much perfected the web conference / event hosting thing. #wdc12 has been my best event out of 5 of their previous events that I've managed to attend.

The highlights

  • Single track - no FUUUUUU I wish I could attend all 3 sessions in their multi-track events
  • Location - Was right next door to my work in the RACV buildiing, Melbourne CBD
  • Seating - more informal with 8 to a round table spread across the hall
  • Free Blackberry playbook!
  • Speakers / Topics - Both the HTML5 and JS days had a great lineup and mix of deep-dive and broader coverage of things.

I came away inspired and armed with practical things I could do right away with my projects and also an appetite to try things like Websockets & NodeJS, Client side templates, HTML5 hooks for game development and lots more.

Maxine & John will no doubt be putting up the all the slides and eventually the videos as well.

In the meantime here's 9 out of the 22 presentation slide decks from the last 2 days.

9 slides and sample code from the event.

"Getting Closure" - Mark Dalgleish, @markdalgleish

"Debugging for Lazy Devs" - Ryan Seddon, @ryanseddon

"HTML5 video" slides, sample code - Sylvia Pfeiffer, @silviapfeiffer

"Designing in the Browser" - Divya Maninan, @divya

"Getting touchy feely with the web" slides, Code samples - AJ Fisher, @ajfisher

"Dode's personal manservant" code and notes - Jed Schmidt, @jedschmidt

"HTML5 - fantastic forms for mobile web" - Tammy Butow, @tammybutow

"HTML5 games" - Rob Hawke, @robhawke


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